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Alessandro Collesano

FinTech Innovation Conference Curator & Chair | Skeym | CFO and Co-founder

CFO con più di 20 anni di esperienza, Financial Advisor, Independent Business Consultant, Startup Advisor e Mentor, Alessandro si occupa di FinTech, FoodTech, HRTech, eHealth, ed ama costruire partnerhip tra aziende europee e del Middle-East. Ha esperienza in molte industrie e mercati: Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Automation & Computing, Digital Security & Identity, Analytics & Big Data, On-line stores e grandi catene di negozi, Telecomunicazioni e grandi reti complesse. Ex CFO di TI Digital Solutions Group, ha lavorato in TIM e BNL. Alessandro è laureato in Scienze Economiche e Bancarie ed è Dottore Commercialista e Revisore Legale. E' convinto che le risorse cruciali di un'azienda siano le sue persone e la sua cultura, e che la più brillante idea di business di sempre sia una semplice domanda: come possiamo rendere le nostre persone e i nostri clienti più felici?

CFO with over 20 years’ experience leading overall financial operations, Independent Business Consultant, Startup Advisor and Mentor, Alessandro is passionate about FinTech, FoodTech, HRTech, eHealth, and loves building strategic partnerships between European and Middle-Eastern companies. He is experienced in a wide range of industries and markets: Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Automation & Computing, Digital Security & Identity, Analytics & Big Data, On-line stores and big retail chains, Mobile and Fixed Telecommunications, highly complex TLC networks. Formerly CFO at TI Digital Solutions Group, he worked at TIM and Banca Nazionale del Lavoro. Alessandro holds a Master of Economics & Banking degree from the University of Siena and is qualified as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Chartered Accountant (CA).


Opening Conference: The role of FinTech on Italy’s Economic Development

New payment and collection solutions for micro-businesses, SMEs and merchants

Funding micro-businesses, SMEs, startups: P2P Business Lending, Equity Crowdfunding and Crowdfunding

Circulating the working capital: invoice trading and digital supply-chain finance

Blockchain Applications and DLT technologies for SMEs and corporate

ICO: what is it and why everybody is so excited about it. The Initial Coin Offering explained by who made it, who will and by who could regulate it

Algorythm, AI, robo-advisors and humans: FinTech is about them all. What advantages lies ahead for companies and savers?

Know your client and grant him the maximum security: Cybersecurity and Digital Identity

The bank of the future: from online-only to mobile-only?

Open banking: banks as platforms

InsurTech: how digital innovation is transforming the insurance business