A two-day event meant to show how tech innovation is radically changing the finance domain, and to present the opportunities it carries for micro-enterprises, startups, SMEs, corporate, public administrations and anyone operating in the finance sector.


This event goes beyond the current hype to feature thought-provoking sessions from, and for, leading companies, professionals, startups, financial institutions and policy-makers, on their digital transformation journey and how it enables dramatic change in business processes and services.


A mix of panel, talks, lightning rounds and training sessions on the programme, invited speakers and attendees will discuss practical strategies, solutions and opportunities that lies ahead. It is an amazing opportunity to meet major players, institutions, experts on innovation applied to finance.


Participation at FinTech Innovation 2018 by Maker Faire Rome is free but registration is required!


Fintech Innovation is part of "Waiting for Maker Faire Rome", a series of prequel events to Europe’s largest innovation event.